Lori Stephens, pNLP, CCP
Writer / Editor
Alpha, Omega: The Holy Drug

A defector from a cult called Omega has bled to death, and the only clue is the book he’s
clutching: the Librah Vae-ta, an “engineered” bible. With her best friend, Celia, and long-lost
love, Woody Sanderson, Gatsby must solve a bizarre murder. As she spirals deeper into the
danger zone of spies and assassins, she discovers that the cult’s script is based on the
ancient languages of the Bible, Torah, and Koran. With assassins advancing on them, the
question is not the salvation of their souls but whether or not they will survive.

The Da Vinci Code asks the question, 'Is our eschatological symbol for goodness who
we think he is?”
Alpha Omega asks “Come on now, what does it really mean to be human?'"
—Decia Rowland, PhD, Scholar of Religion

"Alpha, Omega will keep you on the edge of your seat."
—Katy McElroy, Seattle
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The Mindful Dog Owner: What Your Dog
Is Teaching You About Living Enlightenment

While many books teach you how to train your dog and many explore the human-canine
The Mindful Dog Owner focuses specifically on the human perspective and walks
the reader to the path of mindful connection with dogs.

Before teaching a dog to sit or heel, the mindful dog owner asks the Big Picture questions: Do I
really want a dog? Am I willing to commit to a “for-life” relationship with a dog? Do I have the
patience? Can I accept this dog for what he is? The book helps readers to contemplate their
beliefs about the joys and challenges of life with a dog.

The book frames dog ownership with Zen/Buddhist concepts taught by philosophers such as
Thich Nhat Hanh, Alan Watts, and Lao Tzu. It guides readers in “emptying their cup” (opening
the mind for learning), and it challenges them to assess a commitment that may be as
enduring as a “’til death do we part” vow. With the simplicity of a Zen rock garden,
The Mindful
Dog Owner
advances dog ownership as a lifelong practice of graceful action, attention, and

"As a fellow dog trainer, I enjoyed this book and how it reawakened me to how dogs see their
world. A lot of wonderful information packed into a short book! Lots of food for thought too!"
—Mary Kay Hart, Seattle

"Lori Stephens, fascinating in her own right as a woman of substance, ability and caring, has
written a book for lovers of dogs, and about dogs, themselves. Hers is a new voice that
changes the way we think about our beloved pets, giving them dimensions they deserve. Based
in Eastern philosophies, Stephens' premise also gives new insights into how we can look at,
and reassess ourselves, personally, and in the world milieu. Be inspired; pick up a copy of this
short, but important book of insights, for you and for your four-legged partner."
—Allan Boodnick, Psychotherapist, Los Angeles
House Mates: A Guide to Cooperative Shared Housing
In student dorms or co-ops, living with relatives or living together, most adults have tried shared
housing--finding that it sometimes works harmoniously and sometimes becomes a
battleground of misread assumptions.
House Mates offers valuable information and firsthand
advice on how to create a cooperative shared-living household, clearly define agreements, and
resolve disputes. If you live in a shared household, are seeking or forming one,
House Mates
will give you proven strategies that you can use now to improve the quality of your home life.

Amazon  Reviews:
"Don't move in with someone il you've read this book! A common-sense approach to wisely
choosing, setting up and living daily with others. Don't move in with someone—anyone! lover,
friend, relative or stranger— til you've read this book. Lori Stephens offers a lot of practical
advice for people considering moving in with others to share expenses in this expensive time.
Checking out this book first could save you a lot of heartache. While I didn't find anything truly
relevatory here, it's a terrific checklist for things you might not think about in the meylee of having
to make a decision about such a significant move in your life. Worth every penny."

"Love this book! This is a very helpful book, with good information and tips for cooperative living.
Short and concise, but fun at the same time."
Viral Glyph: The Rosette Rebellion
When Gatsby meets an eccentric magician, she learns that the Phaistos Diskthe most
mysterious artifact of all time—is missing. Finding the Disk will mean confronting the global
labyrinth of secrecy that exists solely to conceal its whereabouts and meaning.

The bounty hunters in every dark corner, the nameless network agents, the bitter assassin: all
show that they will do whatever it takes to possess the Disk.

And the seductive magician, Affiato—what breed of magician is he, really? Can Gatsby trust
him, or anyone? Even herself?

Scheduled for publication in 2013
The Gatsby Donovan
"Paradigms Lost" Series

Who is Gatsby Donovan?
Linguist, translator, world traveler—but, most of all,
a woman who is fascinated by human beings and the
realities created by words. Never one to close the
door on a chance for adventure, Gatsby lives to
explore mental haunted houses, even universes
less traveled, when opportunity knocks. She listens
to Stravinsky, drinks White Russians, pumps
neurons, and shares her London flat with a cranky
Ready to meet her?
Deep Structure: The Stonehenge Quantum

Where are the symbols coming from and what do they mean? Why have they appeared in an
Egyptian tomb, a Peruvian palace, and a shape created by squirming snakes? Could they be
related to the astounding disaster at Stonehenge? Gatsby’s career has made her an expert in
decoding ancient glyphs, but solving the archeolinguistic puzzle is the greatest challenge of her
life. Will her empiricism unearth the answers, or are they secreted within the very manuscript
that she dare not decipher? With the help of Cambridge Professor Traussbery, Gatsby resolves
to break the enigmatic code—unsure whether she is deciphering a shared hallucination, her
own childhood, or perception itself—and finds herself dangling from the ledge of everything
she believed about reality.

"Da Vinci Code, move over for this sparkling, fast-paced tale of magic, mystery, and intrigue...
Stephens' extensive research and intuitive imagination bring to life the magic of languages,
both those ancient and yet to be decoded, twining them together with real physics and
archeology in a highly entertaining story that echoes Shyamalan's
Signs and Gaiman's
—Candy Davis, Editor, Author,
Monsoon Wife

"If Richard Bach's Illusions had been written in consultation with Steven Hawking and
C.S. Lewis, the result may have something like
Deep Structure."
—Kevin Joseph, Review

"Real physics and archaeology in a highly entertaining story”